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moon valley tour

      Half Day) Swakopmund & Surroundings     

Experience the moon-landscape an unique area of where the Swakop river has over many years eroded away the desert floor and now exposes the rock formations beneath. Magnificent rock formations made up of dolerite, granite, schist, quarts and other rock types form hills, valleys and interesting rock formations that are home to many different animals and place that have found a way to survive the harsh desert climate.


You will be collected form your accommodation in Swakopmund we then take a 45min scenic drive east onto the Namib Desert, through the moon-landscape to a desert oasis called Goanikontes.

Once there we get our fat-bikes ready to hit the amazing trails that lead through the hills and riverbeds see the desert area in a way other people only dream of.

The MTB cycling route will take you 8km east, during which your adventure guide will show you some of the unique living wonders that are indigenous to the Namib Desert and that live out in the harsh terrain, enjoy the views of incredible rock formations that look like they were designed on a film set.

Half way along the trip you will reach a granite rock where you park the fat bikes and follow you adventure guide walking up a granite hill to a view point from where you can see all the surrounding area and take photos.

From here you will have the chance of doing a spectacular 25m high abseil off the side of a granite cliff. Once safely back on the ground everyone will re-group to follow your adventure guide back to Goanikontes oasis.

After approximately a 3 hour trip you will return to Goanikontus oasis to relax and enjoy a light lunch to replenish your energy before we take the 45min scenic drive back to your accommodation in Swakopmund.

                                    Includes: Experienced guide, park fees, pick up from accommodation fat bike, helmet, water, harness, snacks & refreshments.

                                                                                                     Cost: N$ 950.00 per person (Min 2 pax)

Also visit:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swakopmund

Sandwich harbour fat bike tour

Full Day (7-8 Hours) 

Experience the world famous “where the desert meets the sea” on a fat bike. Sandwich Harbour on the edge of the world heritage site, Sand Sea of Namibia, is one of the most special places in the world. The Fat Bike allows us to explore this amazing area in the most ecological and close to nature way, a once in a lifetime experience.


You will be collected from your accommodation in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. We then transfer by 4×4 vehicle for about 40km from Walvis Bay along the coast heading to Sandwich Harbour, passing the Walvis Bay lagoon and salt pans, a bird sanctuary for flamingos, pelicans and many other birds. We setup base camp about 8km before the Sandwich Harbour lagoon, get our fat bikes ready and pack some snacks for an amazing three hour adventure bike trip along beach and dunes to the Sandwich Harbour lagoon. Stopping along the way for photos and water breaks. The cycle is about 3 hours and 16-18km. On return to base camp we enjoy some food and well-deserved ice-cold drinks.

              This tour is low-tide dependent and therefore only offered on days where the tide is suitable. Contact us for exact dates and availability.

                     Includes: Experienced guide, park fees, pick up from accommodation, fat bike, helmet, water, light lunch & refreshments

                                                                                                   Cost: N$ 2950.00 per person (Min 3 pax)

Also visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandwich_Harbour  

Spitzkoppe rock climbing & hiking tour

Full Day (7-9 Hours)

What a thrill to hike up or climb to the summit one of the world’s oldest granite rock formations found on our planet earth. Spitzkoppe in Namibia is a mesmerizing location as it stands out 1728m above sea level with its main peak being the second highest point in Namibia. Many rock climbers, adventure seekers and photographers travel to the Namib desert specially to see this incredible rock formation. There are also thousand-year-old bushman paintings that can be found in caves that the indigenous people of the Namib painted to teach their children the stories of the bush.


You will be collected at your accommodation in Swakopmund. To take a two hour scenic drive out to the breath-taking Spitzkoppe mountain. After a short briefing, checking gear and water check. You will be led by your adventure guide to the summit of this ionic granite mountain. Along the way you will see many different birds, other small animals and if you are fortunate enough possibly a leopard, also pass by to see some of the ancient bushman paintings. Once you reach the summit, enjoy ice cold beverage and snacks while you capture the views and take in deep breaths of fresh air, before you start the steady decent back down.

Average fitness required.

For those not as hiking fit there is a shorter, more moderate 45min hike up a different granite hill to a cave to see other bushman artwork, with a combination of abseiling off a 20m high rock arch. After a late lunch we will take the two our journey back to Swakopmund.

Includes: Experienced guide, park fees, pick up from accommodation, helmet, water, harness, snacks & refreshments.
Cost: N$2350 per person (min 3 pax) 
Also visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spitzkoppe

Namib Naukluft hiking tour

5 Days & 4 Nights

Wide open spaces; breathtaking views of unspoilt nature, while walking all of this unique beauty can truly be experienced and taken in. Hiking around the Namib Naukluft Park you will be out in the heart of the Namib Desert. You will see all kinds of wild animals from the majestic oryx, and zebra, to the magnificent tiny beetles. While you are hiking all these animals will be totally relaxed as they are in their natural environment and feel at peace as you quietly stroll past in your own time. Walking in this area is the most mesmerizing and relaxing experience.

We take you into the heart of the Namib Desert. While hiking you will be shown it’s unreal beauty and your tour guide will explain in detail how the unique fauna and flora stay alive in this harsh, constantly changing climate. You will be shown the secrets of the Namib that few others will ever experience. At the end of the day you capture the mesmerizing sunset and enjoy a well deserved dinner before fall asleep under the stars.


Day 01

After meeting your tour guide at your hotel in either Swakopmond or Windhoek at 08:00, together you’ll embark on magnificent 3 hour drive to the Namib Naukluft Park. Once checked in,we set up camp and check back- packs for the next days hike. We take a short 6km walk to relax and enjoy the ice cold water pools along the olive trail. Shortly before sunset we head back to camp to enjoy dinner and get an early night’s rest before embarking on the amazing adventure that awaits in the morning.

Walking time 40min; sleep under the stars.

Day 2

Early morning tea or coffee with rusks is served before sunrise, so that we can get started on the trails before the sun warms up the desert floor. While the birds are still singing in the cool of the day, you will hike along a river bed for 7km before the steady travers climb along the mountain side. Your well trained guide will show you the tracks of all the animals that strolled along the trails the night before and explain in detail, how these incredible creatures stay alive in this desert country. The early hours of the morning are also the best chance of seeing the incredible oryx, zebra and kudus as they gracefully trot along the mountain side. Before the heat of the day catches you, you’ll stop at a magical desert fountain under a wild fig tree to relax, refill water and enjoy a delightful lunch. This is also the best time to get out that annoying tiny pebble that crept its way into your shoe and kept rubbing up against your heel as you walked.

After a good rest, the midday heat has passed and your food has settled. We’ll continue the magnificent climb up along the mountain side, following the clear trails that the zebra left just a few hours before. As you walk up higher along the ridge you will begin to see the vast, never ending, constantly changing landscape view of the ancient Namib Desert. Along this ridge your tour guide will also show you the beauty of the flowers and plants that manage to grow in this harsh desert. You will learn their secret of staying alive even though it seems nothing should be living out here. Throughout the day you will realize how amazing nature photography really is. You will reach the hiker’s hut before sunset to enjoy a much needed shower under a water pump. Enjoy dinner under the stars and learn what Africans call the “bush tv” with all the sound effects form owls, jackals, bats, geckos and many more.

Walking time; morning: 4 – 5 hrs / afternoon: 2 – 3 hrs; sleep under a shepherd’s shelter out in the open.

Day 3

Early morning tea or coffee with rusks is served before sunrise. Once again you will start on the day’s hiking trail shortly after sunrise to cover as much terrain as possible before the desert sun becomes too hot. This part of the trail is unique as you hike along the mountain plateau and south-west ridge of the Namib Naukluft mountain range. Walk along animal footpaths while the klip-springer buck bark at you as you pass by. The other desert creatures can be seen grazing along the hillsides before they head off to look for that life saving shade. There are many amazing “Kodak” moments that will capture the essence of the magnificent abundant life that is found throughout the Namib Desert. By 12:00 midday you will stop under a big shady acacia tree to rest those tired leg muscles and find what interesting food was pre-packed for your light lunch. There are few things as enjoyable and refreshing as fresh fruit out in the dry hot desert.

After a good rest you will continue along the trail down a desert valley that is better known as “cathedral kloof”. Passing around a few corners surrounded by large boulders you will be personally introduced to the cathedral where streams and fountains flow freely. The ice cold, life giving water cuts through the granite rocks and flows for miles. The sounds of love birds, parrots, swallows, swifts and eagles soaring above this magical unreal place, you have entered a whole new world. For a few minutes you forget that this is still just part of the Namib Desert. Now that you have seen the beauty found in this desert country, you will be eager to see what lies around the next few corners. Coming to an old waterfall you will need to skilfully climb down a few chains that have been bolted into the rocks. We continue walking down the cathedral valley to find a old farm house that will be the next overnight stop.

Feels like a whole new World!

Walking time: morning 4 – 5 hrs/ afternoon 3 – 4 hrs.
Sleep in an old farm house and relax on a proper bed for a change.

Day 4

Another early morning rise to enjoy coffee/tea and rusks, before heading out on the trails again. Now you get to re- experience the amazing “cathedral kloof” but from the south-western side. This is even more special than the day before because the bird and animal life found in this valley are just waking up in the cool of the day. Just before heading out of the kloof you will stop for brunch to enjoy the shade, ice cold water and the sounds of the cathedral.

Once recuperated we head off for zebra plateau, an easy trail up the hillside. This is an area where you could see more game than you could count from zebra, giraffe, spring-buck, kudu, oryx, duiker, and possibly even rhino. As your guide leads you quietly along this trail as to ensure you have the opportunity to see all the game, there is a lot of time to stop and capture that amazing photograph that will possibly become the life long icon of your trip to Namibia.

See more game than you could count!

Surprisingly enough you will reach the quaint hiker’s hut shelter around 15:00, as this is the shortest hiking day of the trip, with a lot of time to relax and enjoy the scenery before the sun sets over the mountains. If there is any fuel left in your tank and if you can convince your friendly tour guide, he could either show you another fresh water fountain or take you up a short walk to the top of the northern ridge, a place that makes you feel you’re standing on top of the world with one of the most spectacular views there are in the Namib Naukluft Park. Sunset pictures from up here tend to be awe-inspiring and there are few places on earth that can top this view, a photographer’s paradise to say the least. Shortly after sunset you can enjoy that much needed wash and long awaited delicious dinner before falling asleep once again under the stars. The night life sing you to sleep.

Walking time: morning 4 – 5hrs / afternoon 2 – 3hrs

By now you will be used to the early morning routine of waking up and getting ready for the day that lies ahead. As you start on this day’s trail there is a mix of excitement to see what this day has in store but at the same time a slight sadness as you realize it’s the last day of what has been the adventure of a lifetime. As the trail leads you on over the ridge, through another breath taking valley and finally up a steep slope that seems higher than ever, thankfully by now your back pack is ten times lighter than day one when it was still full of food and snacks. As you reach the top of this steep climb to take a much needed break and enjoy some snacks under the shade of a boulder, your tour guide will show you the view of Tsamst-oest valley. From here on a clear day you can see the stunning golden brown sand dunes that lie off in the distance. Once rested and ready for the descent, you will carefully follow a tight footpath cut out on the mountain side that zig zags down the steep slope into the dry riverbed that leads to the Tsamst-oest camp site. You enjoy your last lunch out in the bush before heading off to where your vehicle awaits to take you through Namibia or back to Swakopmund/Windhoek.

Walking time: morning 4 – 5hrs / afternoon 3-4 hours

Cost: N$12 500 per person (2-12 pax) 
Also visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namib-Naukluft_National_Park

Special Notes:

1) Group size is limited from 2 to 12 people. Group discounts available (7-12 pax) Larger groups are only possible on request. 2) 40% deposit to be paid one 8 weeks prior to tour to ensure booking
3) Departure time from Swakopmund or Windhoek cannot be later than 12:00 pm.
4) Lunch on day of arrival can be booked in advance (not included).

5) Hiking is done out in the bush where there is no electricity or flushing toilets.
6) Your guide will speak English.
7) You will carry all personal items you need for the trip so it is strongly recommended that you ensure your backpack is lighter than 12kg .
8) Namib Adventure Tours is an outdoor experience. You will sleep under the stars or in hiker’s huts; all meals will also be served outside and prepared on small gas cookers. Please also see the section on the climate.
9) Bathroom facilities comprise a long-drop toilet, bucket or windmill shower.
10) Fresh water for drinking (from boreholes) or from mountain streams will be available at the lunch spot and overnight camps. 11) If you have any special dietary requirements please inform us four weeks in advance.
12) Rates include all meals as stated above, the services of a tour guide, park fees, and transport, unless you pre-arrange self drive. Beer, wine and soft drinks are freely available only on the first night.
13) Contact lenses can become dry and uncomfortable in the dry desert. Please wear your glasses instead.
14) In the unlikely event of an accident or a medical emergency the guide carries a radio transceiver, a first-aid kit and is trained in first aid. We strongly recommend all guests to take out medical and medical evacuation insurance with sufficient cover. Please be aware that Namib Naukluft Park is in a remote location and there is no close-by rescue service, but air rescue can be done.
What You Need to Bring

– Water bottles (at least 3x 1 litres each) sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and insect repellent.

– Curiosity and good humor; expectation to see and learn more about the amazing desert.
– Camera equipment; there are lots of opportunities to take great pictures!
– Comfortable worn-in walking shoes – NOT new shoes. These will cause great discomfort and spoil your walk.
– Headlamp (torch) is needed at night.
– Sleeping bag and hiking mattress.
– Own cutlery, plate, knife, fork spoon and mug.
Clothing Needed
Light and comfortable clothing, jacket or pullover for cool evenings, rain protection,
Especially in the winter months warm clothes, including beanie/buff, scarf and gloves are recommended. Comfortable shoes for the evenings.


The seasons in Namibia are reversed compared to those in Europe. During the European winter months we have summer in Namibia and vice versa. The winter in Namibia is the cooler dry season, which is characterized by high temperature changes and rare rainfall. Especially at night it can get very cold (June to August down to -5°C). During the day temperatures may rise up to 25°C (but it can also be cool). These are differences that can be challenging for the body. Especially cold fronts from Antarctica can bring uncomfortable weather, although mostly only for a short time. The Namibian summer (approx. October to end of March) is the rainy season and it seldom rains during the other months but winter rain can occur – to be well prepared even rain gear might be advisable. The summer months can be very hot with temperatures over 30°C, so it is essential to pack suitable clothes. But rest assured that you will not encounter a grey sky that will linger for weeks.

Please note that the natural variability of the weather can bring about unusual weather conditions.

Character of and Requirements for the Trail

The trail is not difficult, but challenging. Fitness and good physical condition are essential as the trails entail 7 to 8 hours walking per day. Walking does normally not exceed 12 km a day; the pace is set to suit the group. Please be aware of high temperature fluctuations, which can reach 35°C or more during the day whilst sometimes plummeting to -5°C at night, which can cause additional stress for your heart and circulation. It is indispensable and vital to drink enough water. We recommend you to prepare yourself for the trail with some fitness training and it is compulsory to get a doctor’s certificate of physical fitness.

Own Risk & Insurance

We explicitly point out that the participation in this tour is entirely at the guests’ own risk. We urgently recommend that comprehensive insurance cover be taken out before embarking on the tour to

– make provision for cancellation and curtailment
– medical expenses, emergency evacuation, repatriation – loss or damage of personal baggage.

Namib Adventure Tours will not be held responsible for any costs arising from any of the above events. Restriction of liability also applies if clients are unaware of this policy.

Force Majeure

– It goes without saying that we do our utmost to conduct the tour as described in the program; we cannot vouch for it, however. Unfavourable weather conditions, organizational problems, unforeseen events or other factors may force us to change the course of the tour. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.