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a Big Kudu Bull. Get to see this Classic African Antelope with affordable Southern African Safaris
Kudu Antelope - Representing plains game.
Take close up pictures of Springbucks at bargain Southern African Safaris
Springbucks - Experience these animals on an economical Southern African Safari

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Few countries in Africa can match Namibia’s natural beauty. The country’s name derives from its desert, the Namib, and there are few more deserts on the planet, from the sand sea at Sossusvlei (https://sossusvlei.com/en/) to the sand dunes plunging down to the sea at Sandwich Harbor and the Skeleton Coast. 

Inland, running through the heart of the country, a spine of mountains creates glorious scenery – With rivers in the Caprivi Strip and the endless grass plains of the Kalahari, it’s difficult to think of an iconic African landscape that Namibia doesn’t possess. 

Etosha National Park (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etosha_National_Park) belongs to the elite wildlife-watching destinations – big cats, elephants, black rhinos and plains game in abundance. 

The Damaraland is a wonderful place to see desert-adapted elephants and lions, and it also hosts Africa’s largest population of free-ranging rhinos.  Away to the north, along the Skeleton Coast, shipwrecks only heighten the sensation that humankind is here very much at the mercy of the elements and at some point during your stay in Namibia, you may well look around and wonder if you’ve fallen off the end of the earth. 

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Welwitschia Mirabilis in the Namib Desert
See plenty of shipwrecks on one of our cost-effective Tours
Shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast. Experience a drive on the beach at Skeleton Coast for bargain offers with STS.
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